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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Hero Saturday 3/31

Brian Woehlke, 29, of Detroit, Michigan, died at the scene of a fire in Westland, Michigan, on May 8, 2013. Woehlke graduated from the Schoolcraft Fire Program in 2008 and joined the Western Wayne Fire Authority in 2012.
He is survived by his wife, Jennifer; daughter, Ava; parents, William and Elizabeth; brothers, William, Robert and Bradley; and numerous other friends and family members.

Warm up  
Barbell Complex Warm Up
#1- Deadlift/ Hang power clean/ Front squat/ Press/ Thruster

#2- Snatch grip deadlift/ Hang power snatch/ OHS/ Full snatch

#3- Back squat/ Good morning/ Press from behind the neck/ Front squat/ Press from the front/ Thruster

Movement standards

3 Rounds Each for time:
4 Jerks, w/125# m/185#
5 Front Squats, w/125# m/185#
6 Power Cleans, w/125# m/185#
40 Pull-ups
50 Push-ups
60 Sit-ups

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