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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Highest Running Box Jump: Ryan Moody set world record

Highest Running Box Jump: Ryan Moody set world record (Video)

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, USA — Ryan Moody, a Student from The University of Utah in Salt Lake City, ran and jumped on top of a platform at a height of 1.74 M (5 Ft 8 ½ inches) using only 3-5 running steps at CrossFit 801- setting the world record for the Highest Running Box Jump.
highest running box jump Ryan Moody
  Photo: Ryan Moody setting the world record for the Highest Running Box Jump. Photo: Sabrina Martinez (enlarge photo)

  The Guinness world record for the highest altitude bungee jump was set by Curtis Rivers (UK), who performed a bungee jump from a hot air balloon at 4,632 m (15,200 ft) over Puertollano, Spain.

  Guinness World Records also recognized the world record for the longest skateboard ramp jump, performed by professional skateboarder Danny Way (USA) with a 24-m (79-ft) 360 air on his Mega Ramp at X Games X in Los Angeles, California, USA.
   "It was a nerve racking experience, thankfully, I had the support of friends and family to cheer me on and keep me focused." Ryan said.

 "It wasn't the first time I had set out to establish a new world record, but it was still just as exciting as the first. I actually did the record 3 times that day to make sure the media got the coverage they needed. Talk about tiring!"

  He also stated that "it's funny to see people's reactions to the jump. They always say that it's one thing to watch a video of my jumps online, it's a whole other experience to see it live.

 " A spectator added "it just doesn't make sense, he is jumping a half inch under his own height! That should be impossible." Ryan added.

 "I always feel nervous before performing a jump. So I get the crowd involved and have them cheer and yell and clap in unison. This always helps me to get pumped up!"

  Ryan also stated that "These jumps are scary at times, because I have been injured pretty badly in the past."

  He claims that his purpose for this record was to push the envelope of human potential, and see just how far the body and mind can be pushed.

   "What Ryan does is pretty unique. We love to support the fitness community any way we can. Especially when it's one of our own athletes." – Matt Clark, Owner of CrossFit 801.

  ABC 4 Report:
  Ryan Moody setting a new world record

  The world record was sponsored by:
  Forged Clothing, Progenex USA,
Marx Media, Rogue Fitness, SICFIT and GOPRO.

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