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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Holiday Party 12/10 @ 4pm

Hello all:


I also wanted to to inform all of you that AMRAP Fitness will be having it's first annual Holiday party Saturday December 10th at 4pm.... Please sign up on the white board... Children are welcomed... 

In addition, I want to enlightened all of you on why we train they way we do... CrossFit preps all individuals regardless of age and skill level to improve functionality, mobility, work capacity, and mental toughness... 

The reason why I program workouts is to help all of you better your self one way or another... either heavy loads, long distances, high reps, difficult movements I want all of you to improve... There is a reason for the warm up, mobility work, skill work, and workout... 

Expressing that the weight is too heavy, or just taking the easy way shows that you will not take the risk to challenge yourself.... Challenging yourself leads to bigger achievements, and changes in your self... these changes are physical and what I personally value the most psychological... How does one expect to get stronger, lose weight, improve body composition, or improve one's flexibility with out putting in the effort???? Do you read what I have at the end of my e-mails????? It's in green just encase you missed it... 

Always remember: what you put into the workout is what you will get out of it... if you put half ass effort, then you will have a half ass workout... On the other hand, if you put your heart and soul into it... well your on your way to become a different person...  

Your coach knows whats best for you and is working just as hard as you to see how we can improve together... If you follow what is prescribed, push your elf and do your do diligence (homework: hydration, nutrition, &flexibility) I guarantee success... 
If you have time PLEASE read the following, this will open your eyes and give clarity on what we do and why we do it:

"Kinda effort equals sorta results"
Ray Traitz

AMRAP Fitness
80 Red Schoolhouse Road, Unit 1100
Chestnut Ridge, NY 10977

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