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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Success Story

"AMRAP Fitness Athlete Limelight"

Many see her name at the top of the leaderboard, but have never seen her face, and have no idea just how incredible of an athlete she is out of the gym as well

Ladies and Gentlemen, we go behind the scenes with AMRAP Fitness athlete, Paige Sorce!

"I am a professional show jumping equestrian competing at the very top level of my sport both nationally and internationally."

"When I'm not in the barn, or riding a horse, I am at AMRAP fitness building lean muscle and gaining strength, and loving every minute of it!"

"AMRAP fitness provides top level training, programming, and education on proper nutrition."

"Coaches Ray and Sue have helped me change my life as far as my athletic performance both in and out of the gym, my physique, and fueling my body with "right" high quality foods."

"I attend a CrossFit based class at 5 AM, and at 3:30 PM I take a strength class based on a marriage of Westside Barbell and CrossFit. That said, the daily WODs and the afternoon strength training are always different, which keeps it most interesting, and best of all, fun!"

"They [Coaches Ray and Sue] help me to stay in tip-top competitive condition so that I may perform my very best on my horse!"

"What I love most, is the atmosphere. Its a very special place with special people, so I look forward to working out each and everyday!"

"I've trained in quite a few boxes both locally and while traveling, and AMRAP Fitness by far has the most elite level of coaching and programming, which has been pinnacle in my growth as an athlete."

"I'm so very grateful for the impact AMRAP Fitness has had on my life, and on my performance. THANK YOU AMRAP Fitness, for keeping me top-fit for my performance, and for my life!"

BIO: Throughout her career Paige has won all over the United States, Canada, and Europe against Olympians, and some of the most elite riders in the world.

She continues to compete regularly, always placing TOP in her sport: As a matter of fact, in Milan Italy she was the leading lady rider, and here in her hometown of New York, she is the champion at the ever popular Madison Square Garden.

Sorce says: "It's [equestrian riding] what I do, what I love, and what I'm good at, and I'm always working to improve, and AMRAP Fitness has more then helped me reach my goals!"

We love you Paige, and we are so very proud of you!

Keep kickin' A$$ girl!

Coach Ray and Coach Sue

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