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Monday, April 8, 2019

Beth's Fitness Journey

Beth’s AMRAP Fitness Journey

I always enjoyed sports, participating and watching.   As a kid I played soccer and did gymnastics.  Once I hit my twenties I pretty much did nothing when it came to exercising.  I knew I needed to get healthy and fit and stop wasting time.  
I would take exercise classes here and there but never consistently.  Then I found Karate and did it for about 10 years.  Not only was it a great work out it was my therapy.  As I got older I just felt I couldn’t keep up with sparing and remembering Kata.   
I knew I needed to keep active so I joined Visions and discovered fantastic classes that worked for me.  I started CrossFit classes when the company I work for offered an employee wellness program.  I was in and never looked back.  
I get to work out with colleagues that I may or may not cross paths with in the office.  We have become a very supportive and motivating team.  CrossFit provides another level of training for me that is crazy challenging and effective.  I look forward to each class to see what I can accomplish. I mean really, lift a cement ball on my shoulder?   I thought, well this is a difficult and strange way to work out but with Coach Ray breaking  the movement into steps and explaining  the  technique  I was able to lift it onto my shoulder from the ground.  This is just one example of the many different CrossFit workouts and movements that I never thought I could or would do.  Now I’m doing it. There’s such a variety of workouts that are so efficient and effective.    
I’m constantly learning how to properly do the movements and get the most from the workout.  There’s much more to CrossFit than the workouts, Coach Ray also provides instruction on nutrition and improving our well-being.    I’m so grateful for my company’s CrossFit wellness program.   It’s been a fun and positive journey with my colleagues.     

Thanks Coach Ray for your patience, dedication and expertise.  My journey continues!

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