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Friday, June 21, 2019

Daidra's Fitness Journey

My fitness journey started just out of high school. I had a friend who was a semi-pro body builder and we went to see Bev Francis and others at the Apollo Theater. I was mesmerized by these ladies and what they could achieve. That week, I joined Bally’s in Livingston with the hopes of getting in tip-top shape.

This was back in the late 80’s.

Since then, I’ve probably been a member at 20 + gyms, including Riptide in Brighton UK. I’ve used multiple trainers and classes just to mix it up a bit.

Then a few years ago, I joined Vision. I got sick not too long after but continued to exercise. I’d go for an hour each day and just walk on the treadmill. I’d watch as people would head over to the AMRAP Fitness training room. They’d come out all sweaty and happy. I thought to myself, “I need that”. I remember going up to Ray (who I had never spoken to before) and telling him I’d like to join once I’m done with my treatments. I’m sure he thought I was full of it.

A few months later, I did join and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. I’ve never had so much fun while challenging myself at the same time. I enjoy it so much, I go to AMRAP in the AM and strength class at night.

Coach Ray is amazing and always finds encouraging words to push you to do more. As a bonus, his wife Suzanne can teach you to do corrective exercises to help with posture, etc.

1 year in and I’ve never felt better! I'd recommend it to anyone.


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  1. Nice Daidra. Keep up the good fight. Good to hear your story...