CrossFit South Rockland

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

2/11 Tuesday

Warm up 
A- Mash- lats + T-spine + glutes
Activate- 2x 5m inch worm with push up + 7 straddle lateral lunges

B- Gymnasts #3 Warm Up 
-7x strict CTB pull ups
-3x P-bar swing complex (3 swings/2 dips)
-Bucket work 5x wipers or 5x round the clock
-From headstand/ press to handstand x3
-Negative bar muscle ups x3

Pull ups and thrusters

(G) TEST #3a
3 minutes max effort pull ups

(W) TEST #4a
3 minutes max effort thrusters

W/65 M/95

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