CrossFit South Rockland

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

2/19 Wednesday

Warm up 
A- Mash- T-spine + lats + quads
Activate- See below

B- Warm Up 
Combo activation #3
Overhead banded pull aparts 20 reps
10m OH duck walk
Toy soldiers 10m
Band pull aparts 20 reps
Walking lunge with Sampson followed by a broad jump 15m
Inch worm with push up 10m 
Band walks (Lateral)
Shuttle run 50m

DB snatches

In 7 minutes:
3 rounds
16 DB snatch w/35# m/50#
16 burpees to cross bar
Then with the remaining time…
Max distance walking lunges

1 comment:

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