Why do most clearing methods, though well-intentioned, fall short of helping people clear for good? Why is it so hard to simplify our lives and care for ourselves? Why are we so overwhelmed?

It took course author, Stephanie Bennett Vogt, twenty years to break the code; to answer these questions and field-test them. The result is a conscious distillation of space clearing, mindfulness, and Kaizen: the Japanese concept of small steps leading to big changes through continuous improvement. Blended together, these principles work to release physical, mental, emotional, and energetic clutter - from the inside out.

Instead of "attacking" the stress and "getting rid" of the stuff, as most methods teach, this course will help you work more gently to release the underlying causes - the patterns, resistances, attachments - of anything that holds you back. One minute of "slow drip" clearing morphs into more minutes, less effort, and less baggage. The result? A clearer home, a quieter mind, a calmer nervous system, more ease, space and light--and a lot more happiness.

At the heart of this course is a virtual "Camino" of clearing. Every day for 365 days, you'll be guided through a series of Five Steps to Spaciousness ("Five S's") which build one upon another to shift the way you act, think, and feel. For good!

Whether you're a newcomer to this clearing process, or a returning participant eager to experience a "Year 2 Clear," here is what you'll experience when you give yourself this gift of a year:
  • Slowing down: Ease into new ways of being that feel really good and last.
  • Simplifying: Tend your home, lighten your life, and experience big changes that come from taking small steps.
  • Sensing: Tune into the transformative effects of energy, light, and beauty that abound.
  • Surrendering: Step up your game by stepping back and letting go of attachment.
  • Self-Care: Nourish body, mind, and spirit; set clear boundaries and be your own best friend and advocate.
Featuring inspirational wisdom, stories, journal prompts, daily practices, and occasional audios and videos, this course will give you all the practice tools you'll need to press the refresh button in your life; to turn down the noise in your head and turn up the light in your life.

With this powerful course for clearing space, you'll:
  • Take a year off just for you - a well-deserved nourishing sabbatical that fills up your reservoir, feels really good, and lasts a lifetime.
  • Peel away more layers of stress and stuff (than you even knew you had) - one gentle day at a time.
  • Experience the spacious magic that has been hiding in plain sight, just waiting to reveal itself.