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Friday, July 20, 2018

Andrea's Story

This is my story about how my addiction started.

I had always enjoyed watching Cross Fit on television really just the women in fact I rarely watched Men’s Cross Fit I was in awe about how strong they were to accomplish what they were doing it didn’t look pretty or for the dainty it looked as though they were struggling they looked uncomfortable yet they were giving it everything they had and I think that was the connection that clicked in my head, these were strong intelligent women figuring things out and making it happen.
 I was raised by a single mom who was just that way put in uncomfortable situations and doing whatever it took to take care of us and raised me to be the same way, in my life I have overcome many adversities and nothing has ever come easy and I often find my mind drifting during a really tough work out reflecting on other tough situations I have come out of and that is usually the push I need to get it done.

My boss owns Vision Sports Club and he knew I loved watching Cross Fit so when Ray and Sue came to rent the space he suggested I go introduce myself he knew I had been trying to stay with a fitness routine but honestly nothing ever kept me interested enough to make the commitment he had also mentioned his daughter was trying to start a fitness regamin so maybe we could train together.  I had always worked out and been in shape, through my twenty’s and thirties I trained in Kung Fu which was a passion of mine but once entering into my forty’s I became busier with work and life and like I said nothing was striking my interest I starting gaining weight had a lack of energy and that’s where I was at that point. Take two I meet Suzanne Traitz! I walked back to the Cross Fit area and saw this bad ass looking chic with perfectly sculpted muscles and  a big beautiful smile we introduced ourselves I explained my fitness frustrations and she said I should start coming 3x a week so that’s what I did I worked out during lunch.

I was SO out of shape and could barely do any task she gave me but I never gave up, it’s not my nature and I was so inspired by Coach Suzanne and I was legit excited and interested about where the workout would bring me that day.  I kept coming and 3x a week became 5x and some weeks 6x. We focused on form on endurance and my body mechanics. I trained with Coach Suzanne for about 4 months then started training with Coach Ray….. It’s a love, hate love again relationship. I get so pissed at him sometimes for pushing my body pushing my BUTTONS but I honestly hold him at a very high regard he is my teacher he is dependable and he has been a constant in my life since he became my Coach, I trust him when I am completely unsure or fearful of trying something and I have learned so much from him I’m very lucky to be able to train with him.. I often yell at him and later on thank him because he is helping to change my life, my beautiful sacred life.

 I have been training 1:1 and jumping into classes for about 2 ½ years now because I am an addict, I need Cross Fit in my life. I’m almost 51 now and I can still wear jeans I have from when I was 27 and 28 years old and might I say they still look damn good! My goal was always to become stronger and I have achieved that and continue to become stronger, leaner, faster and healthier I’ve also met an amazing circle of people.

I only wish I had started earlier in my life but everything happens when it’s supposed to. 

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