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Sunday, July 8, 2018

Fitting a health and fitness program into any schedule or budget

By: Jennifer Scott

When money and time are tight, sometimes it can feel like healthy choices are out of reach. Reshape how you think of healthy living, and wellness can be yours.  Here is how to make a realistic health and fitness program part of your lifestyle.

Rethinking fitness.  Many of us believe good health is expensive. Some experts suggest you may even tell yourself that in order to be fit you would have to break your budget.  If you believe that, it’s time to re-evaluate how you think of fitness.    

Healthy eating.  You don’t need to participate in fad dietsto be healthy and you don’t need to spend your money on a gourmet meal plan. Eating more fruits and vegetables is a simple way to improve nutrition.  Avoid convenience foods and don’t succumb to impulse choices at the grocery because you’ll pay more for them.  Purchase store brand items when you can and use coupons to stretch your money. Plan meals ahead of time, make a shopping list and stick to it, and when non-perishables are on sale, stock up.  

Walking.  Walking is an inexpensive workout option, and as long as you own a comfortable pair of shoes, you can make it part of your lifestyle. The US National Library of Medicineexplains that it’s a flexible option you can tailor to your schedule and fitness level.  Walk with your dog, hit the shopping center, snag a stroll during your lunch break and spend a few minutes before meals walking with the children. You don’t need much time to squeeze in a workout, nor does it need special planning.  You can increase your steps and time by parking farther from your destination and taking stairs instead of elevators.  It all adds up!

Home gym.  When you don’t have time to make it to the gym, you can get a workout from the convenience of home without breaking the bank.  Chances are you already own a few things that can be makeshift exercise gear.  A couple water bottles or canned goods could be your hand weights.  An old pair of tights could be your resistance bands.  A sturdy chair or stool is a terrific prop for a number of exercises. Shapesuggests a variety of moves that will work your whole body and promises to make your muscles burn!  When motivation wanes, add some music or a smartphone app to keep you on track.  

Alternative methods.  For a well-rounded fitness program that can enhance your lifestyle, explore options with added benefits.  Alternative methods, such as meditation, yoga and swimming improve not only your physical well-being but also boost your mental and emotional health.  You can reduce stress levels, lower anxiety and improve your ability to cope with whatever life throws your way. This is because these activitiesallow you to focus your mind and can relieve stress and anxiety, both of which are triggers for relapse in many individuals who are in recovery.

Balance.  Whatever workout options you choose, some professionalsfeel a balanced routine is a key to fitness.  Do some cardio-vascular work like walking and running, and include strength training with some weights or lifting against gravity. Note you need to stay hydrated throughout your routine.   

Fitting in fitness.  A healthy lifestyle is within reach.  You can enjoy a better well-being with minimal time and money.  Reshape how you see health and fitness to make it part of your everyday routine!  

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