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Sunday, July 8, 2018

The Reverse Hyper machine

The Reverse Hyper machine was designed by Louie Simmons the famed record breaking powerlifter of Westside Barbell club. After suffering a series of injuries to his back, Including broken vertebrae and Instead of electing for conventional treatment he looked for alternative methods. The early designs for the reverse hyper started in the 70’s and over the years perfected. Then in 1994 Simmons patented his machine and the rest is history as they say. Now the reverse hyper is used by many powerlifters, Crossfit athletes and professional sports leagues such as NFL as well as several top college programs across the country.

The reverse hyper is just like it sounds. Instead of bending at the waist to lift your upper body up as in a hyper extension. With the reverse hyper your upper body remains still while you focus on the lower posterior chain. The benefits of the reverse hyper begin with its unique ability to build strength thru a full range of motion. This will help with poor posture that affects many humans having to sit at desks all day slumped over computer screens.

If you suffer from back pain or seeking to improve your squat or deadlift the reverse hyper can help. Louie Simmons himself is proof! After several horrific back injuries that would have put most people on the disabled list he continues to train hard and is still a top powerlifter at his age. He claims that this is all due to the help of reverse hypers. Which makes the reverse hyper a great tool for rehabbing/prehab and strengthening. The machine focuses on the posterior chain specifically the glutes, hamstrings and lower back. 

In summary the reverse hyper machine is an essential tool as these days most Americans suffer from some sort of lower back and postural deficiency. The benefits are truly amazing and the fact the the machine is used by professional sports teams and elite lifters is evidence that there is a use for it in your everyday training regimen.

Robin Samuels


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