CrossFit South Rockland

Friday, July 12, 2019

Friday 7/12

Warm up 
A- Mash (Pec minor + glutes) Activate (3x 7 reps ring rows + 10m walking lunges with rotation)

B- Gymnastics #8 Warm Up
400m run
-3x L or tuck site 20 second holds
-Peg board complex (Pull, reach for #1, climb down/ Pull, reach for #1 then #2, climb down/ Pull, reach for #1 then #2, then #3, climb down)
-Handwalk to wall or 10m handwalk
-3x pull over to support to bar muscle up
-Bucket work
-Wall squats

Kipping ring dips

Tabata the following:
-Push ups
Rest 2 minutes
Rest 2 minutes
-Ring dips
Rest 2 minutes
-Box jumps

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