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Friday, July 26, 2019

Julie D. Fitness Journey

Growing up I was always pretty active - I was involved in many different activities and at least one sport a season. As I got older I grew a little more sedentary- which can come with the territory. Due to work and other obligations I didn’t have the time or money to workout (or really any excuse). A few of my coworkers went to the USIS wellness program regularly and told me to give it a try. After my first class, I learned that I wasn’t even doing a basic squat correctly!  Ray breaks down the movement of every exercise to make sure you are doing it properly and safely.  He not only offers us great workouts, but he puts thoughts into your head that makes you want to be a better version of yourself.

I have done some exercises that I never thought I could before.  Between the barbell, prowler, sled drags, pull-ups - all of these intimidated me and seemed way above my skill set. I can now say that I have been able to work out doing all of the above, even if they are still a work in progress.  And when there is an exercise that I struggle with, there is always a way to make the workout attainable by offering a modification. Ray is great at making every workout accessible, not easy, but tailored to the client’s personal ability.

Another way Ray pushes you to be better is by hosting 45-day nutritional challenges.  I was initially not interested because it seemed like “too much work” with weighing, measuring, and counting blocks. A few of my coworkers were doing it and we thought it’d be good to keep each other accountable. I decided to join, and thought even I wasn't perfect, I thought any progress is good progress.  I could barely believe it when Ray announced that I was the winner of the challenge!

 Tracking and posting about everything we were eating and drinking makes you really conscious even after the challenge ends of what you are putting into your body. Not to say that I’m never going to have ice cream again- but it makes me enjoy it more and only indulge on occasion rather than all the time.

I can’t thank Ray and the USIS wellness program enough for pushing me to continue to be a better version of myself!

Best decision I have ever made!
Julie D.

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