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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Create Uncomfortable Situations

Create Uncomfortable Situations [250]

Think of a few situations where you might get flustered during a competition.
If you were trying to Snatch, but there were people crowded around you and a judge right in your face…would you get annoyed?
If you had to share the pull-up bar with someone who was kipping so aggressively that the whole rig was shaking…would that bother you?
If you thought you had 40 minutes to warm-up, but then someone told you that you were going to compete in 10 minutes…would you freak out?
If you had to find your 1 RM Strict Press, but couldn’t find your wrist wraps…would you be thrown off?
  • Consider the types of situations that you feel would fluster you in a competition. Now, create those situations in your training. Make them happen. Ask your coach to consistently challenge you, by creating uncomfortable situations that you’ll have to get used to in your training. The quicker you can respond effectively, the better. Practice this in your training, so that you’re ready to act calmly in competition.
Athletes who regularly seek the uncomfortable and practice persevering through different situations, are the ones who will come out on top when it matters.

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