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Friday, January 1, 2016

Look what people can do in 30 days in our program

I've done at least five 45-day challenges while being at AMRAP, but this 30-days experiment I took extremely seriously. I'm not a big water drinker, mostly because being a teacher, it's really hard for me to find the time in between the classes for the bathroom breaks. On average, I would drink one or two 17oz water bottles the most. This time around I challenged myself to drink 6! Boy, was it a challenge, but I did it. I surely felt lighter. I even quit drinking coffee.
As for the paleo/zone meals, I enjoyed preparing and portioning all my food, experimenting with some snacks and dessert recipes to satisfy my chocolate cravings, and got to admit, they were super delicious! 

Performance wise, I did great as well. I feel like this was my most successful month of 2015. I competed at the beginning of the month, got a personal record of squat snatching 95 lbs and hang squat snatching the same weight. I performed really well in pretty much all of my WODs daily whether it was at the regular crossfit classes or at strength. My most outstanding achievement, however, was getting my first bar muscle up. It was the happiest moment of them all. It took me quite awhile, but as they say hard work does pay off, and now I am able to do not just one bar MU, but multiple every day, and I keep working on improving them. 

30 days passed and I am extremely satisfied with my results. As coach Ray said, "The whole idea of the 30 day experiment is for you to become an overall "healthy" individual. Once again, this will help you change your life." It sure did change mine. At the end, I lost 2.4 lbs and 2.6% body fat (currently at 14.6% body fat). I am leaner, stronger, and healthier. My performance improved tremendously.  I've gained great knowledge about my nutrition and surely can tell that Paleo/Zone lifestyle does work!

I would like to thank my coach for always being there for me, advising, and guiding me through these challenging days. Also, I would like to thank my performance team - Paige, Joe, and Scott. You guys were a heck of an awesome team and I wouldn't gone through this without your help and support! We sure as hell kicked some ass and got great results together. We worked as a true team, as a great community, and that is what crossfit is all about. ❤️💪🏻

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