CrossFit South Rockland

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Barry Day#37

Breakfast 8:15am (please list blocks & how much)
4 eggs
Oil - requested olive
Peppers onions 

Snack 11:30am (blocks?)
2 oz turkey 
6 almonds 

Lunch 1:45pm (blocks/ forgetting carbs is a terrible mistake)
4oz chicken 
12 almonds 
No. Carb forgot it

Snack (blocks & how much?)
2oz chicken 
Cup of mixed veggies 
Broccoli carrots Cauliflower

(blocks & how much?)
Steak 4 oz
Small piece of lobster 
Side salad 
Olive oil on salad 
Side veggies 

Water 90 fl oz 

(Not enough water/ also not being exact will give you the same results/ if you don't take it serious then your results will not be serious)

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