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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Barry Day #14

4 block
4 oz turkey protein
12 almonds
Cup of mixed berries - carb

Snack 10:45
(snack too close to meal #1)
2 block 
2 oz turkey 
6 almonds 
Peach - carb 

Lunch 4 block 1:15pm
4 oz grilled pork chop
12 almonds  - fat
Carb- cup of fruit 

Snack 330
2 block 
2 oz turkey 
1.5 cup of broccoli - carb 
not enough carbs)
Fat- 6 almonds 

Dinner (time?)
Turkey burger 5 oz
Carb- 2 cups of broccoli  (not enough carbs)
Fat-  2 tbsp guac 

Water about 100 fl oz 

I needed to take the day off.  
I will make more of an effort to drink closer to the 120 fl oz I should be drinking... 

Too many nuts. You should only eat nuts once a day. Not enough carbs. You will not get the hormonal response your supposed to get. Where is your post work out shake? Use a simple whey protein powder make sure its 2 blocks and eat an apple. Remember 2 blocks of protein is 14grams. Don't over do it and count those blocks towards your total for the day. No fat necessary post workout. Also, eat every 3 hours. I know your eating late at night because your hungry... I see you!

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