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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Barry Day #18

Breakfast. 845
Out for breakfast
4 block
Veggies , onion, & Banana 
(how much?)
Oil that it was cooked in 
(how much?)
(Out to eat/ Ask questions/ you're on a mission)

Lunch -  12 noon 
4 block 
4 oz grilled chicken 
4 cups mixed veggies Cauliflower broccoli 
Fat- 2 tbsp guac 

Snack - 330 
2 block 
2 oz pc of grilled steak 
6 almonds 
1 grapefruit

Dinner 6pm
4 block 
4 oz of grilled steak 
2 cups mix veggies 
A salad cucumber Tomato onion 
(how much?)
Oil 1.32 olive 

Snack 810
2 block 
2  oz grilled chicken
1 tbsp Guac 
Carrots, cucumber, celery
(How Much?)

Being exact will give you the results you want. You can only get so far with guesstimating. 

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