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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Barry Day#9

Breakfast -
Turkey 4 oz. protein 
Fat 12 almonds 
Carb- banana 

Snack 1045
2 block 
Protein- Turkey 2 oz
Fat - avocado - tbsp 2
Carb- grapefruit 

Lunch -
4 block 
Salad (this is considered carbs and should also be counted) w 4 oz grilled chicken 
Balsamic - 1.32 or as close to eyeing as it gets. (fat). 
Carb- orange 

330 (blocks?)
carb- 1 cup blackberry
Turkey 2oz protein 
Fat 6 almonds

Dinner - 4 block
Was at a meeting 
Protein - Sashimi - I had not scale so 6 oz was a best guess.  I have a solid idea of what 6 oz looks like 
Salad- or whatever they called it.. More like lettuce w a single tomato.
Fat- oil olive  1.32 - or best guess 
Carb- fruit 

Looks good. We need to cut back on the fruit after midday. 

Dinner was not easy but I am pretty sure I was rather close to the portion I had to eat.   

The workout went well today. Overall I am feeling much better and the recovery is quicker.  It's only a matter of weeks before I start posting better numbers then Carl.

I drank almost 90 Fl oz of water. 

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