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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Barry Day #23

Breakfast -  9am
Banana – carb 
Fat –  2tbsp Avocado
4 oz Turkey 

Lunch -  12 noon
4 block 
Peach – carb 
Fat – 2 tbsp Guac 
4 oz Chicken 

Snack – 330
2 block 
2 oz Pork Chop 
1 tbps Guac
2 cups of mixed veggies

Dinner-   630
4 block 
4 oz grilled chicken 
2 tbsp Guac 

I skipped the last snack.  It was getting late and I asked Ray to take my vitals this morning…
As expected i have shed a few lbs..   
I did drink over 100 fl oz of water today.  Lots of flushing went on… don’t forget
Use your foot to flush when not at home.  (tip of the day)

It was great to see Yossi-  last month that is…  Once a week Yossi has now become once a month Yossi.
Este is trying to set the world record for days past her due date…
Big Lou- had made it to breakfast and only had 2 eggs… 

·          Alana/Jen/Sharf -  Chad wanted to remind you that its his birthday tomorrow. 

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