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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Barry Day#28

23.7 water- during the workout..

Breakfast 9 am
4 block
4 oz turkey
12 almonds
1 Banana
23.7 flz oz of water

Snack 11:40
2 oz chicken
1 orange
Fat/. 6 almonds
23.9 water

Lunch - 1:40
4 oz turkey burger
2 tbsp guac
1 orange
3 cups of broccoli

Snack  3:45
2 oz chicken
6 almonds
Mixed veggies 2 cups
Green and red peppers, cucumbers, tomato, celery

Dinner- 6:15
Out for dinner.
Piece of Halibut (how much?)
Steamed mixed veggies
Broccoli raab
I nursed 1 birthday drink for Chad. (a small glass of Patron )
Yes its not paleo (though some books say it is,…) but it was good.
Cup of coffee- black

Those donuts on the table did look mighty good.

I did drank over 100 fl oz of water yesterday. First time in a week.

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