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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Barry Day #15

4 block 
Protein - 4 Eggs
Fat- 2 tbsp Guac
Carb -  banana

Snack 1145am 
2 block 
2 oz roasted chicken 
6 almonds 
Carb-  1 cup of grapes 

Lunch 1:30. 
4 block 
4 oz turkey 
Carb-  4 cups of broccoli 
Fat- 4 walnuts   

Snack 345
2 block 
Tuna 2 oz- canned 
6 almonds
1 grapefruit

Steak 4 oz 
4 tbsp Avocado
3 cups mixed vegetables 

Too many nuts & fruit/ once a day/ not enough water

Water 90 fl oz so far

Just a quick recap.  I am feeling good. The portions are under control. My main issue is the weekend.. The weekends are far from easy w all of the traveling sports.. It's very easy to skip a snack or a meal when you are constantly on the road.  What keeps me going is knowing that Yossi / Avi and Lou might actually try and eat properly and beat me.. I know wishful thinking on their behalf..  Just to be safe I will continue to follow as planned.

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