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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Success Story

I feel like ever since I got introduced to this world, I was always challenged. 

At 1 year and a half, doctors discovered a spinal hemangioma on my back which required surgery. I was also born with Congenital Muscular Torticollis, a deformity in which the neck is twisted and held at an angle to one side. Another surgery was unavoidable since it affected my posture and walking. Then Chernobyl happened in Ukraine, the country of my origin, which caused two big tumors in my thyroid - yet another two surgeries, and my whole thyroid was removed, leaving me with taking hormones for the rest of my life to replace it so that my metabolism could get to work somehow. 
Ever since thyroid removal, I've been struggling with weight, I could never control it. Thus, I decided to start working out as much as possible so that at least somehow I could manage it. 

My journey began with joining Kokushikai Judo academy and running 1 to 3 miles on a regular basis. I loved what I did, but my fitness journey didn't stop there. One year ago, a friend of mine brought me into AMRAP and got me introduced to crossfit. I got hooked the first day and joined without even thinking. Why? Well, there's lots of reasons. 

First of all, professional and well educated coaches that will not only be your best trainers, but also be there for you as therapists, friends, and family. Second, the AMRAP community. What an amazing group of people that I'm blessed to call friends and family now. Yes, AMRAP coaches and their community became my family. I cannot imagine a single day without being a part of it. Third, the best quality equipment you could think of. Everything you need for a crossfit box, Ray Traitz got it. I am truly addicted and always look forward to coming there to work out, not to mention that I live 20-25 minutes away and have to commute 40 minutes to work after the 5am class. I must admit, there are a few boxes in the town where I live, but I chose to come to AMRAP; that's just how good they are!!!

Traitz training is unique, no one is ever disappointed. Everyone who I know and trains at AMRAP is extremely satisfied with the program and results they get. No matter what age or condition you are in, Ray and Suzanne will take care of you and bring the best out of you. Speaking of that, recently due to an accident, I broke and dislocated my wrist, and being a die-hard dedicated AMRAPster, I couldn't stay home and not train. I knew Ray would take good care of me, I wasn't scared to go back having a cast on. So there I was, one week after a surgery, having metal plates and screws installed in my wrist, I went back and trained with just one arm. Ray modified all my workouts and I never felt left out. I was challenged and it wasn't easy, but I feel like having that "temporary" disability made me even stronger, and thanks to my coaches, I didn't give up on my fitness journey and continued doing what I love - and that is crossfit. 

I workout at AMRAP 5-6 times a week now. I'm sore every single day from not so easy workouts and yet I'm eager to come back the next morning and do more. Call me crazy but I love it. AMRAP is my life! 

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