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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Barry Day#27

Breakfast –
12 almonds 
4 oz turkey 

Lunch   12 
Salad ,  cucumber, turkey, onion, peppers, celery (how much)
Fat- balsamic-  very little (Not fat)
Salad was not very large 

Snack =  330 
2 block
2 oz chichen 
1 tbsp guarc
3 cups of mixed veggies, broccoli 

Dinner-  730
4 oz burger 
2 tbps guac 
4  cups of broccoli, (not enough) but that was all I could take down.

I skipped a the last sanck, I was not going to eat passed 8 .
I was not hungry just tired.  

80 fl oz water

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