CrossFit South Rockland

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Barry Day #16

Breakfast - 4 blocks 8:30am
I was out for breakfast this morning.
3/4 eggs- protein
It contained peppers, and onions- carbs.
Since it was not enough carbs I had a nectarine as well.
The fat- was the olive oil it was cooked in.   - unmeasurable since I didn't cook it.   

Snack-  11am
2 block
1 tbsp guac
3oz of Turkey Burger
Carb-  grapefruit

Lunch 1:50pm
4 block
5.5 ounce turkey burger
Mixed veggies in the burger
Fat- 2 tbsp guac
Carb - 2 cups of tomatoes & 1 cup onions

Snack 4pm
2 block
2 oz grilled chicken - protein
1 tbsp guac - fat
Carb- peach 
(too late for that fruit)

Dinner-  7:30pm
4 block 
2 tbsp guac
4 oz Steak Grilled
4 cups of mixed veggies (what kind?)

100 oz
Of water 

Esther has informed me that my blog is a bit dry... She wanted me to inform the readers that I feel very good.  I am getting a lot more sleep then usual which is a plus.  I am also feeling a lot better during and after the workouts.  In addition Yossi continues to finish in a distant second  and the newcomer Rob Johnson tried a baptism on Chad and I this morning.. Other then that I have nothing to report.