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Friday, March 6, 2015

Barry Day#10

4 block meal 
Fat- olive oil 1.32
Carb- banana
Protein - 3 eggs

2 block meal
Turkey 2oz - Protein 
1 orange - Carb
Fat- 1 tbsp guac

130 pm lunch 
4 block 
6 oz ground turkey - protein 
2 cups tomato sauce -carb (Not that great of a choice)
Fat -6 almonds 

2 block
2 oz turkey- protein
1 orange - carb 
Fat- 1 tbsp guac 

Dinner 4 block 
4 oz chicken - protein 
Fat-,12 almonds 
Carb - broccoli 3 cups- good enough 

Nobody eats 4 cups and enjoys it.  If they do they won't enjoy after hours.. 

Workout was ok.  Not bad for getting very little sleep.  It must have been that extra oz of fish from the night before..  Not great at pistols but I am getting better.  Much better then Chad's DNF...  

 80 fl oz of water 

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